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Telimob is ideal for dealers or finance companies wanting to broaden their customer base into the top layer of ‘sub-prime’ without taking on higher risks.

Car Dealers

Finance Companies

Sub Prime Lenders


More and more consumers want to buy used cars on finance but there are fewer and fewer lenders able to take advantage of the opportunity.

Are you currently profiting from sub-prime sales?

  • The base of subprime borrowers in the UK is expanding, with more and more applicants showing poorer credit scores.
  • Car purchasers, who were once in the mainstream, are now increasingly turning out poor credit scores. They can only find loans from sub-prime specialists and fewer lenders want to take on the risk of sub-prime.
  • The sub-prime sector is bulging both upward as well as downward and there is a significant opportunity for enlightened lenders to mine the top layer of sub-prime without significantly lowering risks.
  • There is a valid case that investors should look to the UK sub-prime vehicle credit market for good returns, now that payment delinquencies can be better controlled, collection costs reduced and assets secured.
  • New prompt payment technologies are unlocking hitherto untapped potential and changing the game. Consumer payment behaviour can now be influenced remotely and vehicles securely tracked. This is well documented in USA and Canada, but such technologies are only just surfacing in Europe.

To find out how payment protection technologies could work for you, download our White Paper on "The Need for Effective Prompt Payment Solutions in UK Subprime Vehicle Finance - A Perspective for Lenders"