Is telimob legal?

The device can be fitted to any 12 or 24 volt vehicle in the UK. You will have a legal and binding supply agreement called VTSiM® which is backed up by QC opinion inline with the CCA of 1974 making telimob the safest prompt payment system on the market.

Can I switch the vehicle off and interrupt its use?

Yes, it’s simple, login and chose the vehicle you need to interrupt and then click the button to immobilise, if you do not want the responsibility Global Telemetrics has years of experience and will do it for you.

How much does the device cost?

If you would like to know how much telimob device and duration airtime costs please enter your details into our contact form and one of our Sales team will call you to explain more about this product.

How do I get a device Installed?

You simply apply online once your account has been created, you will be able to request bookings directly through the system via our CRM Api.

Can I buy telimob - supply only?

Yes, if you have competent workshop garages selling vehicles that you finance we will supply on-site training and audit on a regular basis. Speak to your account manager for prices for supply only.

How do I know the telimob tracker is working?

You will be given a secure account login (Admin Control Centre) where a location can be requested 24 hours a day.

Can I locate a vehicle before Immobilisation?

Yes, you can request a location from the device at the click of a button via the telimob website.

When do I pay for the system?

Account terms will be agreed upon request with your dedicated account manager.

What do I do if my vehicle gets stolen?

Your consumer is supplied with a stolen vehicle security card with a freephone 24 hour emergency number. Full stolen vehicle recovery with Global Telemetrics monitoring centre for duration of finance.

Is there a monthly subscription?

No, it’s a one time payment only; once the device is purchased the device will remain active until the end of your consumer finance agreement.

What happens if the vehicle is sold or changes owner?

If the vehicle is sold and finance agreement ends you would need to notify Global Telemetrics in writing, we will then deactivate the device for that vehicle.

Can the consumer view locations of their vehicle?

No, the location request is only for the Finance Company.

What warranty do I get?

Duration of finance agreement is backed up with full parts and labour duration of finance warranty.

What do I do if any details have changed?

You can change any of the details of the consumer within the website this will then send the Global Telemetrics Control Centre notification of anything changed automatically.

Can the device be tampered with?

Not if it can not be found hidden on the vehicle, the device is very small and is fitted by TRI (Thatcham Trained Installers) Engineers fitted to CAT5 stolen vehicle tracking device standard where the device is hidden in 1 of 30 places on the vehicle.

How quickly can the device be immobilised?

Within seconds of pressing the button on the telimob website, the device will read the information and immobilise the vehicle instantly and will not start until the un-immobilise button is pressed reinstating the use of the vehicle.

How accurate is the Location of the vehicle?

The vehicle location is taken from the satellites (GLONASS-GPS system) which link to the device; GPS devices are accurate from 0.3 to 6 metres.

Does telimob work outside of the UK?

Yes, anywhere in the world.

Can I track the vehicle inside a building?

Yes, most of the time. If the GPS cannot locate you can still immobilise the vehicle in the event of a default notice.

Can telimob be transferred to another vehicle?

No, it’s permanently fitted for one use only.