Telimob is significantly different to any other payment protection solution.

Telimob has leading edge security

Telimob utilises state of the art telemetrics with some of the most robust security accreditation available in UK vehicle tracking.

As a minimum, in order to be effective in the recovery of a vehicle, a solution should be accredited to Thatcham Category 5 standards ('CAT5'). This includes the use of remote immobilisation (interrupter) in the event of a theft with 'Police Authority'. Having CAT5 as a minimum standard will ensure the very best quality in product, service, criteria and approvals, such as:

  • BS7858
  • ISO 9001
  • VCA compliance
  • All CAT5 Systems Operating Centres (SOCs) are required to have secure operating centres (a bunker type control room) providing the highest level of security, adding resilience to the tracking and monitoring service.

Telimob is Legally Compliant

Telimob comes with a dedicated contract for you to use with customers designed to make the whole process Legally Compliant.

Immobilisation is a serious act. Our Telimob solutions have proper procedures built into them to protect you the dealer/financier, unlike many other alternative technologies which risk contravening the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Our solution is purpose built for the UK market, complying with UK laws.

Telimob's procedures are supported by a QC-backed opinion. If you use our VTSiM® contract, you have the reassurance of being Legally Compliant.

Non-intrusive for end-users.

Telimob is invisible in the car and eliminates the embarrassment factor of alternative dash-mounted 'starter interrupt' devices which can have a stigma attached to them.

Telimob is different to other payment protection alternatives: there's no requirement for drivers to enter codes, or to do anything. Simple and invisible but very present.

Fitted on dealer's premises.

Telimob has a national base of accredited installers who will fit the device onto the vehicle and register it on the Global Telemetrics database.

Cloud based control panel.

A very user-friendly dashboard with password access allows creditors to see where a vehicle is located. This is where a dealer can activate immobilisation.

Dedicated vehicle asset protection solution

Unlike some other trackers, Telimob is dedicated to serving the needs of vehicle credit companies.

Low cost solution

Telimob has carefully researched the needs of dealers and finance companies stripping away unnecessary costly features resulting in a dedicated solution at a competitive price.