About Us

Telimob is managed by Global Telemetrics, the systems platform behind award winning Midlands-based SmartTrack, which designs and manufactures a range of advanced UK built vehicle tracking systems.

Established in 2006, the business has grown rapidly across Europe covering £1.7bn of vehicle assets. It specialises in providing holistic, dedicated end-to-end solutions and systems, highly secure and confidential, to service specific industry needs, such as Telimob and VTSiM® for Finance, as well as products for the Stolen Vehicle and Fleet Management sectors.

The company is committed to developing advanced technologies, innovation and customer service in all its products as evidenced in its 21 coveted Mobile Electronics News Awards over the last 7 years. Global Telemetrics has invested in flexible, future-proof back office technology, such as Salesforce CRM (which it integrates with the DVLA portal) and an adaptive Avaya CTI phone system, to enable Global Telemetrics to provide scalable and enhanced customer service provision and to operate in new overseas markets many of which require multilingual SMS/voice.

SmarTrack's latest compact web based product has been designed around the Thatcham TQA-CAT5 leisure criteria (improved battery life technology) making the device unique. All SmarTrack products are recognised by major insurance companies and have saved several million pounds on ‘Total Loss' by theft.

All SmarTrack secure control room staff are Police liaison trained and BS7858 approved.

To find out how payment protection technologies could work for you, download our White Paper on "The Need for Effective Prompt Payment Solutions in UK Subprime Vehicle Finance - A Perspective for Lenders"